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A Smallville Lyrical Icon Challenge

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Welcome to Smallville Chorus, an icon community based on buffy_chorus.

Every week a new lyric and a picture are posted. Members create a Smallville icon based one of the three following things:
a) All of the lyric and a different picture.
b) All or part of the lyric and the picture provided.
c) A different lyric and the picture provided.
This icon is then submitted to the appropriate post. At the end of the week the icons are posted & members will vote on the icon they think is the best in order. Awards are presented to the First, Second & Third place winners.

This community was created by anachronism_grl
It is maintained/moderated by anachronism_grl, babeee and miss_jaffacake

1. You may only enter one icon per week (unless specified).

2. Anyone using someone else's blanks/bases will be banned from the community. Use screen caps only. Save altering blanks/bases for your own journal.

3. Do not vote for your own icon.

4. Don't post you icon anywhere else before voting. You wouldn't want anyone to steal your idea, not vote for it because it was yours...etc.

5. Make sure the icon meets all of the normal icon guidelines. No larger than 100x100, 40KB or less & in .gif, .jpg or .png format.

6. You must JOIN the community to enter an icon. Only members can post replies & therefore only members can post icons.

7. Do not make posts to the community. The only way you should post icons is in a comment to that week's lyric post. Since posts are moderated there will never be an instance where you'll see a post other than a mod's, but I wanted to add this here so you'll know why your post was rejected. Having posts by others may be confusing, that is why I've done this.

Allow 2 weeks to get the entires in. Most competitions will close on Friday or Saturday.
Sunday and Monday will be used for voting.

Results will be posted after votes have been added up. Usually they'll be posted no later than Tuesday or Wednesday when the new competition will also be posted.

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